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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : Continued

Dr Michael Mills
Thu, 15 Aug 2019

Good day!  (each and every day is a great day if we are fortunate to wake up!)

We will continue our exploration of a framework to allow us to strive for better health. Over the last few weeks, we have talked about Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits” and applied it to health.

For Review:


  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin With the End in Mind  
  3. Put First Things First

Put First Things First

  1. Put strength of purpose before desires or aversions (e.g exercise vs watching TV)
  2. Organize and execute around priorities (e.g. proper dietary habits)
  3. Preserve and enhance relationships while accomplishing results (e.g. family time)

Tasks of Importance, but not urgency (Quadrant 2):

  • Prevention (better eating habits)
  • Relationship Building (time with associates and family)
  • Recognizing new opportunities (enhancing health knowledge to improve outcomes)
  • Planning (scheduling and goals to aim for better health)


  • Vision – formulate with a health focus (production capability preservation)
  • Balance – e.g. work, sleep, exercise
  • Discipline – scheduling to keep order and a regular investment of time in important activities
  • Control – having a plan increases the feeling of control
  • Minimize crises – prioritizing and planning reduces negative outcomes/decreases illness severity
  • Opportunity-Minded – keep health as a focus and look for knowledge/techniques to optimize health status

Organize activities into Quadrant 2:

  1. Coherence:
    • Vision is in concert with the Mission statement
    • Roles needed to accomplish your goals
    • Priorities are arranged according to Plans
    • Desires need to be controlled to develop Discipline
  2. Balance Various Life Roles while maintaining
    • Personal Health
    • Family time
    • Professional Development
    • Personal development
  3. Organize on a Weekly Basis
  4. Use scheduling to optimize your time while accomplishing your goals

Although we will not fully accomplish all aspects of our mission, focus and then execution is the foundation for success and effectiveness in both personal and family health.

Next Blog: Creating great outcomes that improve the life of all parties – “Think Win-Win”

Take care,
Michael Mills