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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Dr Michael Mills
Tue, 30 Jul 2019

Good day!  (each and every day is a great day if we are fortunate to wake up!)

We will continue our exploration of a framework to allow us to strive for better health. Last week we talked about the first of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits” and applied it to health.

The first habit is to:

1. Be Proactive

  1. Take Initiative
  2. Take Responsibility
  3. Be inside-out
  4. Make Commitments and complete them.

          (please see last week’s blog for an elaboration of these concepts)

The second habit is to:

2. Begin With the End in Mind  - visualize the outcome to enable us to write the “program” or map

  1. Find a health destination of our own. An example of a personal destination is “a desire to live a life with physical and mental strength, minimal preventable illness, and longevity”. Of course, your destination will differ. You must aim for a destination even if you do not yet know the route!
  2. What do you want to accomplish? Even though we don’t normally think of our health as a project – it is a life project of tremendous importance.
  3. Each Day should contribute to our goal. Do what is needed to accomplish our goal and do not violate our principles to reach it.
  4. Always monitor changes in ourself and the world around us. Do not be afraid of re-scripting or changing the path to the destination.
  5. Be aware of the special higher order thinking of humans that allows us to achieve a goal such as optimized health:
    1. Self–awareness of who we are and what we can do
    2. Imagination/potential – to strive to meet an objective
    3. Conscience – use of our talents within the parameters of our principles or fundamental truths

What steps must each of us take on the journey to our destination?

  • Develop a Personal Mission Statement that prioritizes optimal Health as a Value.
  • Recognize that we can Influence our Health Outcomes – our personal Health is within our “Circle of Influence”. Examples of areas within our “Circle” include: dietary choices/weight, physical exercise, stress management techniques.


Next Week:

Setting priorities “Put First Things First”

Creating great outcomes that improve the life of all parties – “Think Win-Win”


Take care,