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Proactivity as a core value for Better Health

Dr Michael Mills
Fri, 19 Jul 2019

I would like to set up a framework for attempting to improve our health in a systematic manner. We are bombarded with health information through e-mail, the internet and even print!!  It is difficult to know where to start our journey to better health. By using a structured approach, we will be more likely to achieve success, grow in knowledge and develop better health habits.

I am a big believer in the work of Stephen R. Covey; I will attempt to apply some of his teachings about effectiveness to our goal of a “better life with better health.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Covey, he wrote a book entitled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He outlines a framework to optimize the effectiveness of individuals and organizations. Read Dr. Covey’s works – you will learn as I did and develop a plan to be more effective throughout life.

One of the first concepts that we need to incorporate is an “inside-out” approach to wellness. We need to look at ourselves, critically evaluate where we stand using metrics of health and aim to optimize who we can be. As we work on ourselves, we will stimulate those around us to join in our quest for better health.

Be Proactive

  1. Take Initiative – by recognizing our responsibility to act, we can chart a course to better health. No one is going to change us, but we can change ourselves.
  2. Take Responsibility – we have choices in our actions: what we eat, what we do, etc. By taking action and not being passive, we can aim for a goal and not attribute our outcomes to others.
  3. Be inside-out – Realize that we are the one who can make changes, both smaller and larger, to reach a goal of better health and wellness
  4. Make Commitments (and complete them!)– reaching any goal requires desire, action and completion in order to be successful. Make smaller goals, reach those goals and work towards further goals. By building upon smaller, completed projects, we can enhance our self-confidence to reach greater heights and aim for further growth (similar to building a home on a solid foundation!)

I will end this week’s blog with an inspirational saying that was transmitted to me as a child – “Every day, we are fortunate to have an opportunity to make the World a better place in a small (or larger!) way.”  So let’s do it!!

Have a great week!

Michael Mills,


 “Live life with an attitude of gratitude”. We should aim to be thankful every day.

Take Care

Michael Mills